telling your brand's story with intention and artistry 

Our approach to Branding Photography focuses on storytelling. We help entrepreneurs in San Diego and beyond communicate the human side of your brand: who you are, what you do, and how it feels to work with you. People do business with people - they want to connect with your personality, your passion, and your process. They want to be a part of your community. Professional brand images encourage an emotional connection to the essence of your brand, and more than ever people are seeking that connection before they spend their hard-earned dollars. Branding is an opportunity to reveal the various layers of your business, and helps your audience get a better sense of what your brand stands for. To see more of our branding portfolio, scroll down to explore the galleries below.  To get a feel for how we work, and learn more about our services and rates, head on over to the details page. 

our approach

personal branding

Personal Branding, also called Lifestyle branding, is about more than a fresh headshot - it gives your clients a behind-the-scenes look into your brand: what you do, why and how you do it, who you are and how you are different. It gives you a library of visual assets for all of your marketing channels, so you can not only turn heads, but capture hearts too.  Because as a solopreneur, you are your brand. 


Our modern headshots are a great entryway into elevating your brand's online presence - update your About pages this year and invest in enhancing your product or process photos next year. Either way, a fresh headshot makes a great first impression.  So whether you need a corporate headshot,  something more casual for Linked in, a couple great images for your online dating profile, or professional headshots for film or theater acting, we've got the tools and skills to capture you at your best.  

business branding

Business Branding photos help tell your clients both who you are, and what services you provide.  As a brand, your most valuable asset is your team, and your clients want to connect with your brand on a personal level. To become a part of your community. We'll show them the human side of your brand with behind-the scenes-imagery showcasing what makes you all so great at what you do. 

products + editorial

So much more than a white background and good lighting, our product photography tells the story behind the scenes - detailing the quality of your sourced ingredients or the artisan craftsmanship of your process, showcasing how your products live up to your brand values, and how they will enhance your clients' lives. We capture not only what your products look like, but also the love that you pour into them, and how they make you feel.

Corporate Events

Whether it's for a conference, fundraising gala, new product launch, retreat or team-building event, investing in professional corporate event photography enhances your event's success, solidifies your visual identity and builds your visual legacy.  A testament to your company's achievement, growth and milestones, corporate event images become a valuable asset for post event marketing, PR, and internal documentation.

Ready to level-up your brand?

Your audience needs to see your brand show up on a regular basis before they'll trust you enough to work with you.  Are you ready to level-up your digital drawer of content to best serve those who most need your gifts? Let's chat about your branding goals! 

My branding photo shoot with Marie was better than I ever could have expected, she made me feel so comfortable and had so many ideas! My photos came out as

 a perfect representation of my brand values and my personality.

Such a worthwhile investment-- I got so much more than I ever expected.

Karson McGinley - via Google

easy, effortless, and so fun. 

Kayla Lyon - via google

Marie captured my business brilliantly. The whole process for my branding session was 

 I cannot believe how incredible our photos came out. I just can't recommend Marie enough.  

She’s a magician! 

AMber Z - via Google

Marie has a very creative eye for photography, is very personable and 

 fun to work with, and VERY reliable

with returning phone calls/emails/proofs (something I've found extremely lacking with most other photographers I've worked with). I definitely recommend her! 

Marie is absolutely wonderful to work with! 

Great communication,
responds quickly 

Crystal B. - via Google

 and so friendly and patient! 

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